Winter Crafting and New Designs


Posted on : 01-12-2012 | By : Samantha | In : Crochet, Yarn

Last month, I decided to finally dive into designing.  Since then, I’ve designed another hat and a scarflette!  The hat was a custom order from my son’s father, as he wanted something in Saints colors that wasn’t too “girly”.  My son graciously allowed me to take pictures of him modeling the hat for me. 

With that, I also sold some hats here and there.  One being my first official Etsy sale! The customer wanted their hat in a charcoal gray  which I had “in stock”.  Well, what do you know?  I ran out halfway through.  So, I spent the better part of an afternoon driving around to different craft stores looking for the same yarn I began with.  I finally found it at the third store.  Whew!

I absolutely love this pattern!  Vickie Howell designs some fantastic hats!

Last week, a co-worker showed me a picture of a scarf she saw on Pintrest.  There was nothing linked to it but the picture.  She wanted to learn to “knit” this scarf but needed to know how.  Well, looking at the picture, I immediately knew it wasn’t knit, but crocheted!  It looked at it and decided I could not only show her pretty easily how to get going on making it, but I could also come up with something similar for a pattern.  I began working that day on the pattern and by the next day, I had an awesomely cute scarflette.  I love this scarf and apparently so do many others, because I’ve already had several custom orders from people!



Today, I’ll be working all day on custom orders and I couldn’t be more excited about it!  Looks like things are starting to get busy for the Christmas season!  Yay!

First patterns: Learning to design


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I’ve talked forever about creating my own designs.  I’m always thinking of new types of designs, but honestly, I make things way more complicated and never complete them.


I decided a couple of weeks ago to not let myself get in that trap again.   I began looking at stitch patterns for a bit and found a few different types of textures I liked.  Automatically, I began to see a slouchy beanie design just kinda pop off the page at me.


I spent the better part of a day working on the design.  I made up the prototype and got it completed all within a weekend.  I spent a ton of time on it and I’m totally in love.

Meet Abigail, my slouchy beanie made with a beautiful Kroller stitch pattern.

The textures created are so scrumptious.  You can buy my pattern for super duper cheap on etsy in my store.  I’m also going to sell the finished product on Etsy.

I’m working on designing more hats.  I’ve had so many people that are interested in the creations I’ve been making lately.  I just need to keep the momentum going!

Moving and realizations


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In the last few months, I’ve moved several times.  When life throws you a curve ball, you have to just go with it.  Luckily, I’ve got a place to live with my own room and my son has his own room.  I do feel blessed in that sense of things.
One thing about moving is realizing how much “stuff” you have.  I each of my 3 moves that have happened since December 2011, I’ve gotten a good look at all of my “stuff” and decided each and every time to par down on everything.  It’s become harder each time, but it made me make a decision.

My true crafty passion is all about yarn.  I have always been a multicraftual person, but because of this I haven’t really mastered anything as much as I’d like to.  So, my realization is that I should hone in on my passion a little more and release myself from all the rest.

During this last move, I went through a lot of my craft “stuff” and gave a lot away and sold the bigger items.  It freed up a lot of space overall, but I still have more to do.  I plan on moving again probably in another half year once I get things back on track life-wise and I will relieve myself from more.

My big goal is to not start anything else until I finish what I am currently working on.  One project at a time!  That’s going to be a mind-set change for me.  I haven’t had a lot of time for anything until recently with the beginning of school, but now I’m starting to find some time here and there while watching TV or movies, so that’s what I’m doing…focusing.  Right now, I’m focusing on my Still Light tunic.  I’m finally about to divide for the pockets in the next few days.

After  I finish my Still Light, I plan on doing some sort of small project that will help me practice knitting continental.  I want to practice continental so that it is a smooth, natural movement.  Right now, it makes my hands so tense!  Hopefully, practice will help with that.


New Slouchy Beanie


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I love making hats, as you know.  They are a quick, easy way to feel creative.

It’s great for someone that has a thing for “instant gratification”.

The other day, I decided to put aside my Still Light for a couple of days and work on something new.  I needed something I could finish quickly.  A trip to Hobby Lobby was all I needed to get the creative juices flowing.  I came across a GORGEOUS shade of teal in Caron Simply Soft.  This is usually my go-to yarn for hats, as it is soft and silky and everything pretty.  Pagoda just SCREAMED at me from the shelf and it had to be mine.

I started perusing ravelry for a pattern that  would work for me.   A few months back I made a slouchy beanie from a pattern by Vickie Howell that came out SO CUTE, so when I found another one by her I knew I had to try it.  Enter Urban Revival.

While I liked the look of the pattern a lot, I’m not so much a fan of how it is pieced together.  I’m all for one piece construction (I mean, HELLO! Look at the sweater patterns I choose!)

All in all, a cute slouchy beanie that almost looks like a beret.  I didn’t make it quite as long as the pattern requested but it is still PLENTY long for me.  Love it!

Urban Revival in Pagoda

Now, on to the next thing…or back to my Still Light.  Who knows.  Crafting ADD is about to hit, I can feel it.

Beginning Still Light


Posted on : 30-07-2012 | By : Samantha | In : Creating, Knitting

For the last year, I’ve drooled over the Still Light pattern by Veera Välimäki.

I first noticed it through Stacey Trock’s Green Light on Ravelry.

I loved the shape and the pockets!  I promised myself I would definitely make this sometime in the future.

Enter February when my life turned upside down.  In response to some key events in my life, I decided to dive right into this pattern to take my mind off of certain things happening.

Enter Knit Picks.  I knew living in Houston I would need to have a light, non-wool yarn for this pattern if I *EVER* wanted to wear it.  Knit Picks had a great light pima cotton yarn, Comfy Fingering,  for really cheap that had some awesome colors.

I chose the color planetarium, a deep midnight blue color.

I began the pattern and at first it moved pretty quickly.  Problem was I didn’t like the way the raglan increases were coming out.  I made the decision to frog the entire thing and do the increases I had done in the last last sweater I made, Margot.

As of today, I’ve completed almost all of the raglan increases.

I plan on making the pattern with sleeves that are a little longer, but the total length a little shorter.  Hopefully I have enough yarn for that!  I’m hoping to have the sweater done by December, as I am a slow knitter.  Here’s to hoping!

Margot! Finally Finished!


Posted on : 10-04-2012 | By : Samantha | In : Creating, Knitting, Yarn

Well, I finally did it!  I finished my Margot sweater that I started last summer.


If you want to take a look at the baby steps involved (I’m such a slow knitter), check out these posts:

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Work In Progress: Margot knitted sweater

Raglan Increases Complete: Margot in progress

Margot’s Progress

Waist increases and decreases

Margot update

Margot: Almost Done!

Well, here is the final product!  I’m so proud to be done.  I’ve even worn it to school once already and had a ton of compliments.  I don’t think I’ll get to wear it again for a while, as we are already nearing 90 degree temps in Houston, but it’ll be waiting for me next fall (if we have one?)


Life goes on


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It’s been a while.  Life has a way of getting in the way of creativity sometimes.  Oh well!  Back at it!

Lately, Brandi and I have been doing a lot of different crafty things.  I got her back into beading jewelry.  While I’ve done a couple of bracelets, Brandi has made a lot of really cool bracelets and necklaces. 

I’ve really gotten to love working with Tila beads.  I’ve made two Tila Tapestry bracelets that I absolutely adore.


I also signed up for one of the classes at Painting with a Twist.  We did the Sallier Oak painting, which came out SO cute.


I definitely want to do another one of these classes in the future.

Brandi has been learning a lot of techniques from a class from Tim Holtz.  I don’t have much of Tim Holtz products, but that may have to change in the near future.   I learned yesterday how to work with distress inks and alcohol inks.  I’m LOVING the tag, and the alcohol inks were placed on a piece of white, glossy paper.


I see more crafty days in my future, especially since I’ve finally brought most of my craft supplies out of storage (where they have been located since December).

First Knitted Socks


Posted on : 26-11-2011 | By : Samantha | In : Knitting, Yarn

I’m deep into my crafting ADD again.  I’m moving back and forth between crocheting and knitting a lot.  I’ve still got a sleeve to work on on my Margot sweater, but I got really bored with it.  I also started a cabled scarf and a pair of crocheted slippers.

Black Friday came and left and during the day I had an awesome craving (yes, you read that right…a CRAVING) to knit a pair of socks.  I’ve never knitted socks before, so I needed something pretty simple.

I decided on Red Heart’s Self-Striping Knit Socks pattern and Red Heart “Heart and Sole” yarn in Green Envy.  I began them yesterday and I’m about halfway through the top portion of the first sock.  I’m a little upset at the skein of Heart and Sole, though.  The whole point of this yarn is that it is self-striping and will have the same pattern on the second sock.   Well, when there is a knot in the middle of the skein, changing the color orders, then the points kinda moot, isn’t it?  Boo, Red Heart.  BOOOOOO!

Etsy Store Now Open!


Posted on : 20-11-2011 | By : Samantha | In : Crochet

I’ve been talking about it for a while now, but I’ve finally done it!  I’ve opened my own Etsy store!

Right now, I’m concentrating on hats, but eventually I’ll branch out to other items (like my cookies!)

So far, I’ve only posted 3 hats.  The first one is the knitted slouchy hat I posted here last week.  It’s such a cute hat!  I hope it finds a great home.

The 2nd and 3rd hats are from the same pattern from Vicki Howell called Urban Jungle.  The pattern is so simple and goes so quickly.  I love how it sits on the head.  It’s not stiffing and snug.  It sits without moving and has it’s own ventilation built in with the puff stuff/chain 1 pattern.  So cute!

I plan on making several more in the coming weeks and then venturing into making my own pattern.

Slouchy hats: Ending the year in style


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I’m no stranger to making hats.  I’ve been crocheting hats for a long time now.  I used to sell them about 5-6 years ago in fact.  I never made a killing at it.  Hell, I barely covered my materials cost because I was obsessed with buying more yarn instead of perfecting what I was doing! But…that’s a different story for a different time.

Fast forward to now and I’ve kinda gotten away from the crochet hat look.  Not like ANY crochet hat, just the double crochet ones I used to make.  I don’t know, I just like a more flat, sleek look to my hats.

In recent years, I’ve started seeing more slouchy hats around.  You see them on celebrities…

and models…

…they’re everywhere.


I’ve been looking for a simple pattern, maybe even one I could modify to work out how I want it.  You see, I didn’t want mine to be TOO slouchy.

I found a pattern on Ravelry that seemed like it’d work well with the yarn that I had available, Noro Kureyon.

I modified the length just a bit.  I only went to 7 1/2″ in length instead of 9.5″ of length.  It’s PERFECT!

I plan on making several more in different colors.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll even post some up on Etsy in the near future to sell.  But for now, they’re all mine! =P